Welcome to FTD Caregiving

It is our mission to support those caring for someone suffering from a frontotemporal dementia by providing practical information and knowledge helpful in managing the day-to-day challenges encountered with the disease.

Your visit here is likely because your life is unfortunately affected in some manner by a form of frontotemporal dementia and you are searching for information and assistance that might help you to better understand what to expect and how to manage the subsequent adversities brought on by the disease.

If you are already directly involved in the care of someone with a frontotemporal dementia, at some time you have probably experienced a sense of being overwhelmed by their unexpected and illogical behaviors and may have even reached a point of desperation from not knowing how to manage some of them.

Through FTD Caregiving we want to equip you to be better prepared to deal with the daily caregiving needs that arise with caring for someone suffering from a frontotemporal dementia. The information and knowledge FTD Caregiving provides is primarily based on the insights and experiences of caregivers of loved ones who had or still have a frontotemporal dementia.

This information and knowledge is not represented as or intended to be any form of medical advice or guaranteed solutions to your needs. Each case of frontotemporal dementia has its own unique specific behaviors and challenges associated with it. In some cases the specific examples here may provide solutions for you to implement with little or no modifications that effectively address the behaviors and challenges specific to the person for whom you are caring. It is our expectation, though, that the information and knowledge provided can mostly help you to develop your own approaches and strategies that will work for your particular situation.

We will be continually developing this site and building our caregiving knowledge base for frontotemporal dementias so come back often to see what is new. You can also help by sharing any caregiving insights and experiences that you think could help others. Contact us by sending us an email to FTD Caregiving.

Robert Wang

November 2010